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Any shipowner will agree that the ocean can be a harsh environment.

Yet merchant shipping constitutes more than 90% of the world exchanges and is foreseen to grow even more in the next decade. Passenger ship business is also forecasted to grow by 7% a year in the future.

And no navy on the planet will argue that the world is maritime as most of them are actors in disputed territories with fishing, minerals, energy resources, transport and sovereignty at stake.

Not so long ago, global connectivity would hardly allow text messaging, Emails, and voice. But the race for more bandwidth is on.

In cruise ships for example, passengers will demand home-like connectivity and video streaming will become basic. Fishermen or transport crew will also demand video streaming for welfare and family contact.

Navies are in demand of more data in super connected network centered battlefields for enhanced situational awareness, rapid target assessment, and distributed weapon assignment.


ACTIA Aerospace has designed and is still designing and manufacturing several high efficiency amplifiers for naval environment.

Using its 50 years long experience in SatCom business with monitoring and control mastery serving NATO for example, our expertise has moved to complete SatCom solutions, ideal for maritime environments.

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