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A complete and adapted training program

In addition to its products catalog, ACTIA offers a range of training programs in the field of Satellite Communications.

These courses cover both the Anchoring part (Hub and Control Center) and the User Ground Station part.

The courses are structured around several blocks, divided into modules:

From these different modules, a training plan will be proposed adapted to each User profile (Network Expert, RF Expert, IT Expert, Station Operator, Maintainer).


The training includes both theoretical parts (classroom lessons) and practical work during which the trainees apply the theoretical knowledge. The exercises take place on complete user earth stations, as well as on training platforms. The trainees will practice on equipment identical to that which they will use in the field.
A training certificate (Theoretical and Practical) validates the proper assimilation of knowledge by the trainee at the end of the session. The lessons are given in French or in English. Prior to training, ACTIA can also carry out an audit of the trainees’ level.
For more information, our team is at your service to answer you as soon as possible.
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