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Governments, local governments, states, agencies or NGOs have the need for efficient, secure, resilient communications. The core of the art of administration is to know the situation and to organize the response. People in charge of such organizations do understand that communications are often crucial.

Whether you are responsible of public safety, foreign affairs, Intelligence gathering, force deployment, border control, distance learning, Air Traffic Control, National Health System, humanitarian, disaster recovery, SatCom is your force multiplier. It will keep people connected, it will keep the flow of information through your different agencies despite destroyed ground infrastructure or overcrowded networks.

As a person with responsibilities you need resiliency more than anyone.

Land, Sea, and Air

ACTIA Aerospace systems are field proven in many areas due to their highly ruggedized designs. They are fast and easy to deploy for people with few or no training.
ACTIA Aerospace will design your system with you to fit your needs. We are specialists in design, manufacture, fielding and training for all types of ground, maritime and air terminals.
For more information, our team is at your service to answer you as soon as possible.
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