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Broadcasting is a business that certainly affects the most people on the planet. The responsibility of companies whose profession it is, is even greater. All elements of the transmission chain, whether for information or entertainment, must therefore be extremely reliable.

ACTIA Aerospace has all the skills and experience to deliver state-of-the-art turnkey systems, such as anchor stations (HUB) with large diameter antennas, satellite transmission vehicles when stationary (DSNG) or transmission vehicles equipped with On The Move antenna (OTM) for communications in on the road, on the track,….

REACHING 50 years of experience

ACTIA Aerospace teams have the competence to carry out studies and follow-up of the various systems, the installation of the equipment and its maintenance.
ACTIA Aerospace has a full range of stations to cover all types of events in the Broadcast sector: CoreSat (fixed station any diameter), TakewaySat (transportable station), TrailerSat (station on trailer), FlyawaySat (transportable station in cases), TravelSat (station in backpack), MobileSat (in motion communicating station).
ACTIA Aerospace is reaching 50 years of experience in the field of satellite telecommunications, guaranteeing its customers the best quality of its products as well as great reliability, whether in terms of power amplifiers, supervision systems, satellite communication stations or for the establishment of a complete network.
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